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MiGA Gateway is the latest extension of the Microbial Genome Atlas (MiGA). MiGA is designed to be the genome-equivalent of projects like the Ribosomal Database Project (RDP) and SILVA. In addition to serving as a repository, MiGA provides data and tools to classify and catalog microbial genomes and perform gene diversity analysis against publicly available reference genomes. MiGA Gateway super-charges the functionality of MiGA through the use of an Supercomputer.

MiGA Gateway vs. MiGA Online

The MiGA Project contains various interactions tailored for different needs. MiGA Online allows browsing interactively the databases and the results, and it's oriented towards more "manual", high-quality inspection of results. The MiGA Gateway doesn't have any browsing/exploring features: you only upload genomes and download results. However, it has additional computing capabilities: A much larger input size, the possibility of calculating all-vs-all distances and indexing entire databases, and batch upload/download. This is meant for more automated, high-through processing of data.

Behind MiGA

MiGA is developed and maintained by Luis M. Rodriguez-R. The MiGA codebase is freely available under the terms of the terms of the Artistic License 2.0.

MiGA is the result of a collaboration between the Kostas Lab (Georgia Institute of Technology) and the RDP team (Center for Microbial Ecology, Michigan State University). The MiGA project is funded by the US National Science Foundation (Awards #1356288 & #MCB190042). MiGA Gateway infrastructure is supported by Indiana University and the Apache Airavata project.